Passionately South African Burrito Bar, on a mission to bring people
together, through wholesome, fresh and flavourful Mexican food.


Welcome to Four15, SA’s first Burrito Bar!

Four15 is a passionately South African Burrito Bar, which offers the community wholesome and fresh Mexican food in a unique, and unpretentious setting. At Four15, we believe that ‘a house divided cannot stand’, which is why we not only work hard to house the perfect blend of flavours and textures inside each and every one of our handcrafted tortillas, but also, encourage integration of ‘mixed ingredients’ within our society.

In our house, exchanging stories, sharing ideas and enjoying good company over a tasty meal, is what counts. Choose from our selection of tried & tested burrito favorites, or, master the art with your own unique combination of fillings, to get everything you crave and nothing you don’t want. Guests are invited to enjoy a bottomless soda with their meal, a pre- or post dinner cocktail, or even a shot of Tequila at the bar. All are welcome.


We know that burritos aren’t the only things that should be wholesome and good!

Building happy and healthy relationships with our staff, customers and suppliers is at the heart of our business model. Familia and inclusiveness are all part of Mexican culture, which is why creating an authentic experience and valuable interactions with our stakeholders, is a priority.

Apart from that, we value food and concepts that are FRESH.

Committed to serving fresh food

We know that we have to go that little bit further to really make a difference, which is why we’re committed to sourcing only the finest ingredients that we can find, to create the perfect blend of flavours and textures, in each and every bite.

How we deliver on our promise:

  • We wake up bright and early to prepare our tasty tortillas and guac from scratch
  • We strive to use free range meat and poultry as our core ingredients, mixed together with farm fresh veggies
  • We incorporate traditional flavours such as Boerie and Chakalaka into our menu
  • Our ingredients are sourced locally and delivered fresh
  • We prepare our food carefully, and serve it speedily
  • We support producers who share our love of things that are wholesome and well-made

Cultivating fresh ideas

Four15 fosters a culture of innovation. Our aim is to become pioneers
in the food industry, not only by creating a unique dining experience
for locals, but also, by striving towards positive social and
environmental change.

How we deliver on our promise:

  • We support local entrepreneurs. Our wall art, tables and signage were created by born and bred, Durbanites
  • Our furniture is handmade, from reclaimed wood and other ‘lost and found’ materials
  • We embrace people of all ages, cultures and ethnicities – all are welcome
  • We honour traditional Mexican customs such as forgoing utensils, and celebrate age-old holidays such as ‘Day of the Dead’ (2 Nov), and Cinco de Mayo