Our passionate Four15 culture has been inspired by the Mission District in San Francisco, USA and all it embodies: art, music, community, food and lifestyle. What characterises the Mission District is it’s mixed cultures, global food trends, social awareness and it’s celebration of Mexican heritage. The food is messy, the people loud, the art intense… and most importantly, there is a remarkable sense of community.

The Four15 mantra is ‘Celebrating Togetherness’ – our familia is welcoming, our food unpretentious and we are passionate about what we do. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but aim to invite everyone into our family with a warm smile and open heart.



The legend of the burro (little donkey)

The word Burrito stems from the Spanish word for donkey, ‘burro’. Legend has it, that in the early 1900’s, a man named Juan Mendez used his donkey to haul his food cart around the Bella Vista neighborhood in Chihuahua, Mexico. In an effort to keep his food warm, he wrapped the food up in homemade flour tortillas. These bundles of goodness turned out to be a huge hit, and so the burrito was born!

Mission District, San Francisco

The Mission District, originally known as ‘the Mission Lands’, was invaded by Spanish missionaries and other inhabitants during the 18th century. The ‘Mission Burrito’ came about in the 1960’s, when Mexican immigrants combined traditional flavours and recipes with that of their new and diverse surroundings. What makes the Mission Burrito so special is its large size, and its unique blend of meat, rice, cheese and other ingredients. And just so you know, it’s custom to forgo utensils when eating a Burrito – seriously, we don’t give a fork if you use your hands. In fact, we prefer it!


FOURfillment Project

Damn Vandal aka. Shaun Oakley

We commissioned local Graffiti Artist, Shaun Oakley, to spray the mural in our restaurant. Shaun may work as a full time Graphic Designer, but there is no doubt that he is graffiti artist at heart, and a talented one at that.


It didn’t take long before Jason’s hobby just about became his full time job!

Local craftsman and entrepreneur, Jason Gessner, began Re-seat as smaller side business, to fulfill his passion for carpentry. What makes Re-seat unique, is their ability to create custom furniture and decor, using reclaimed wood and other recycled materials. Re-seat are responsible for crafting the Tables and signage inside Four15.

Join the Family

‘You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we’ll train you’

We’re looking for vibrant individuals, with a BEEEEEG passion
for people and food (a love for Mexican cuisine is also a plus).
Think you’ve got what it takes?