Welcome to Four15, SA’s first Burrito Bar!

Four15 is a passionately South African Burrito Bar, which offers the community wholesome and fresh Mexican food in a unique, and unpretentious setting. At Four15, we believe that ‘a house divided cannot stand’, which is why we not only work hard to house the perfect blend of flavours and textures inside each and every one of our handcrafted tortillas, but also, encourage integration of ‘mixed ingredients’ within our society.


La Familia

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Our passionate Four15 culture has been inspired by the Mission District in San Francisco, USA. The food is messy, the people loud, the art intense and most importantly, there is a remarkable sense of community.

Learn about the legend of the burro (little donkey), get to know our Four15 history, and find out what we’re up to in store: competitions, new offerings, combos, salsa lessons… there’s always something exciting happening at Four15!


FOUR15 Lingo



a greeting: hello


[uh-mee-goh; Spanish ah-mee-gaw]

Noun | Plural amigos
a friend

Cómo Estás

[koh-moh ehs-tahs]

how are you?

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